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Couture Collection

Our couture pieces are made in our Dublin studio using the finest fabrics. We use deadstock fabric when we can get our hands on it, a lot of which is from famous design houses such as Chanel, Mulberry and Cerutti.
Deadstock fabrics are 'the left-over' fabrics of fashion brands who stopped producing a particular line or maybe never used the fabric in the first place. There's an ongoing debate as to whether some brands actually overproduce intentionally to create a market for deadstock but, for a small business like She Goes Rogue it's pretty straightforward.
Because we're only producing one of a kind or limited amounts of any garment, we're not looking for vast amounts of fabric for a big production run. Also, for some of our really special fabrics, they've actually come straight from the brands themselves.
The two main benefits of working with designer deadstock is that you're using fabric that may have instead gone to landfill and you're able to buy fabrics that you'd never normally get your hands on!
Any non-deadstock fabric is carefully chosen to work in harmony with what we already have, to produce cohesive, thoughtful collections. 
Best of all? No matter what, you get a piece of couture that no-one else in the world has. 
Now what's better than that?