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I know, what on earth is a sleevelet?

This idea came to me when I was designing my collection for my tailoring exam in the Grafton Academy. The project was based on the fabulous Overend sisters, Letitia and Naomi, of Airfield Estate in Dundrum, Ireland.

The inspiration is drawn from milking sleeves: plastic and disposable (mostly), elasticated sleeves that you pull on to protect your clothing while milking the cows.

I decided to couture it up and initially made sleevelets from a beautiful grosgrain fabric.

My tailoring designs feature short sleeves so the idea is that you can add the sleevelets to change up the look of the coat or jacket and even have a few different pairs of sleevelets to choose from.

They also work as an add-on to a plain dress to change the look - imagine how many new looks you'd get with a black dress if you had a collection of handmade couture sleevelets in your wardrobe?

All the sleevelets are one of a kind or limited edition